Securing Canada’s plasma supply

We collect plasma for two main applications: 

  • For transfusion directly into patients in hospitals; or, 
  • For manufacturing into specialized medications called plasma protein products. Immunoglobulins, albumin and coagulating factors are examples of these medications. 

For plasma transfusion, Canadian Blood Services collects and manufactures enough plasma to meet one hundred per cent of the needs of hospitals and patients.

Manufacturing plasma protein products like immunoglobulins, however, requires many thousands of plasma donations. To meet the needs of hospitals and patients in Canada, we:    

  • Collect plasma to ship to specialized pharmaceutical companies who use the proteins in plasma to manufacture plasma protein products for use exclusively in Canada. These medications are licensed by Health Canada and returned to Canadian Blood Services for shipping to the hospitals and clinics we serve.   
  • Bulk purchase additional plasma protein products which are manufactured by the global biologics industry using plasma they have collected themselves. We supply these and other related products, which we have also purchased on the global market, to hospitals for patients across the country.